When it came to choosing the best composite materials, Raceglass Inc. looked to partner with Revchem Composites. With over 43 years of technical knowledge and a history of supporting manufacturers in the composites industry, Revchem’s core values and industry-leading product lines aligned perfectly with the mission of Raceglass Inc.

This type of alignment is sure to provide mutual success for both companies. Raceglass Inc. and Revchem Composites produce one of the highest quality race truck bodies available in the market today. Revchem Composites has sourced high-quality gel coats from Dura Technologies, industry-leading thermoset resins from Interplastic Corporation, and reinforcements from Hexcel Corporation.

This perfect combination of high-quality materials and competitive pricing from proven manufacturers provide an opportunity for every racer to benefit from lighter weight and stronger race bodies.

The journey from shop to podium acts as the catalyst between Revchem Composites and Raceglass Inc.  It is this shared commitment to winning that makes Revchem Composites a choice supplier to the racing industry.